Retail and WholeSale

Are you looking to add Laura’s Gourmet Granola™ to your retail shelf? We have options! In need of a foodservice solution? Courtesy of our great distribution partners, Laura’s Gourmet Granola enhances every menu – including corporate dining programs, restaurants, universities, treatment facilities, professional sports, resort hideaways, and more!

National Distribution

Laura’s Gourmet Granola™ offers direct distribution of our all natural and mouthwatering granolas to any Sysco customers nationally!

Regional Distribution

In Arizona, our awesome partners include S&S Gourmet Distributors,  Peddler’s Son, Shamrock Foods,  Sysco Arizona, and more.






Add our granola to your shelves.

Are you are interested in offering Laura’s Gourmet Granola™ on your retail shelf?

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